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First, the purpose of service: your satisfaction is our greatest wish!

Two. Pre sale service:

1, enthusiasm for each user to provide negotiations or telephone advisory services;

2, provide effective suggestions and basis for users to purchase our products, so as to facilitate user selection and matching.

3, we can provide relevant information about our products according to the requirements of users, so as to facilitate the design and construction of users.

4, our department is equipped with professional technical and service personnel. If the users are in need, they can send the personnel to the construction site free of charge and work out effective solutions according to the actual situation.

5, free to provide users with products inquiry, manuals, inspection reports, templates, qualification documents and other related information;

6, when necessary, invite users to participate in our technical design review, increase the practicality of the product.

Three. Service in the sale:

1, receiving the user's order plan, we have special service personnel to negotiate and contact service, arrange delivery according to the number of user orders and the time and place required.

2. Our products are guaranteed to be new, complete, unused, and are legally owned by our company.

3, we ensure that products are effectively protected during loading and unloading and transportation, and deliver products to users safely.

4. Our department provides technical data and drawings for the relevant products according to the requirements of users and the stipulate of the contract.

5, free to provide guidance information and technical assistance for user's design, installation, commissioning, acceptance, test and so on.

Four. After service:

1. Our company and after-sales service department have sufficient storage of conventional products, and users can replenish them at any time according to construction needs.

2. According to the requirements of the user, we should provide the effective rationalization advice to the users, and help the users to solve the problems in the installation and use process, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

3, provide technical data and design drawings related to purchased products according to the requirements of users or contracts.

4, in accordance with the provisions of the contract for users to install materials, installation, commissioning, use and maintenance of technical training;

5, we set up a professional after-sales service team, if the user needs, we can send staff to provide on-site guidance or consultation service at any time to ensure that users can enjoy 7 * 24 hours of service;

6, we regularly visit the products provided by the Department, listen to the voice of the user, collect the advantages and disadvantages of the product in the installation and construction, and improve and update the product according to the information of the users' feedback in time.

7, our products have been insured in PICC, if the product quality problems, in addition to our timely service and responsibility, PICC will also be in accordance with the "product liability insurance clause" to bear the corresponding insurance liability, please users at ease to use;

8, no matter what circumstances, our company always insists on treating users and users with a high quality, warm and sincere service attitude.

Five. The way of service contact:

If you have the need for service, the following contacts have already been waiting for your call at any time. It is our pleasure to provide you with excellent service.

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